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- About Us -

Our Story

It was just a fun idea, a pipe dream at first.  Sonya had discovered boutique shopping a couple of years prior, and when her regular shopping places didn't have any tops she wanted for several weeks in a row, she called Amanda and said (on her voicemail) they should start their own online boutique.  That way they could pick the clothes themselves and always have something to wear!  

Amanda called back and said they actually could do that since her expertise is in marketing, web design, accounting, etc., all the things needed to start the business.  Six weeks later, Bloom Boutique was launched.  

The goal is to provide casual, contemporary, quality tops to real women at affordable prices.  Customer service is key, and the girls are committed to making sure they give you a very personal experience when shopping at Bloom. If you have a question about an item, comment or message on social media, or send an email, and they will answer promptly! 

Bloom Boutique would love the opportunity to be your go-to shopping destination.  Just place your first order, and we promise it won't be your last.

Our Style

My older sister, Sonya, is a fashionista.  I mean, really.  But her style is her own.  There was a time I would have called her style "classic", but she has evolved into sort of a mix between that and trendy.  She is a talented singer and musician, and her full-time job is that of a Gospel singer.  So her wardrobe consists of fancy stage clothes and everyday wear.  It's these casual clothes she wants to bring to you through Bloom.  Clothes that can be worn running errands through the week, to a soundcheck, or dinner after a concert.  At 37, Sonya has found a true sense of herself and her style, and likes to be comfortable as well as trendy.  We believe you can be both.


Amanda is one of the STRONGEST people I know.  And smartest.  Which is important for the business because she does all the brainy work!  Amanda works nearly around the clock with her own company, Increase Expert.  She is a Business Consultant that does everything from marketing to accounting to event planning to, get the drift.  She even teaches piano lessons!  So her style has to be flexible depending on the occasion, and sometimes she has many events in one day that have different dress codes.  That's why the clothing from Bloom is such a reflection of her and every American woman.  We wear many hats, and most of our Bloom tops can easily be dressed up or down, worn with jeans or dress slack, and paired with sandals, boots, or heels.  Because like Amanda & I, every woman likes options.


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