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Pull An Outfit Together, Any Day Of The Week!

How does one exactly “pull an outfit together” or have "outfits for days"? Think of your favorite celeb who pulls off outfits, day after day after day. Well not exactly, it takes team work to make that dream work, and in the form of a styling, beauty and fashion team. #dreamjobgoals

But where does that leave you? How do you pull your outfit together on a day-to-day basis, while looking like a star… or at the very least put together? Our tip is simple, use the weather! That’s right! If it is a cool day add a statement vest to give your outfit style. For rainy days, start with a simple sweater that has an eye-catching detail- like our braided sweater. And when the sun is out, take your outfit to the next level by dressing it up or down in a gorgeous ruffled tunic.

On that note, cheers to you for pulling outfits together like a pro!

Source: Glamour Mag

(Source: Glamour Mag)

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